The Biggest Superyachts in the World

As the ultimate symbol of material success, the superyacht has long been the play-toy of the mega rich. Over the years every aspect of the mega yacht has vastly improved, from sheer size to interior design and technological capabilities.

Synonymous with wealth, success and luxury, the realm of superyachts and the luxury marina lifestyle is confined to a select few, including Donald Trump, Roman Abramovich, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The Russian billionaire Abramovich in fact owns the largest private yacht in the world, the Eclipse. The vessel is 557 feet long and was built by German company Blohm & Voss in 2009. It is the largest of the three yachts in the top which are in excess of 500 feet.

Power & Motoryacht magazine have been documenting the biggest superyachts since 1985. They track the developments of the industry, and note that when the project began in the mid 80’s, there were only around 300 yachts in existence which boasted a length greater than 100 feet. Such a meagre size would never make it into today’s top 100 list, whose smallest entry is some 225 feet; the Lady Anne built by Amels in 2006.

A more comprehensive ranking list can be found on Wikipedia, where one can see the prominence of the Middle East in the consumption of such extravagant vessels. Half of the top ten are owned by governments in the region or by individual members of royalty. For example, Sheikh Mohammed, the PM of UAE, owns the 2nd largest yacht, whilst Sultan Qaboos of Oman possesses the Al Said: number 3 in the superyacht rankings.

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Discover European River Cruises

Living in this fast-changing and busy world is so tiring. After days, weeks, and months of restless workdays, you should really take a break. But how? And where? There are many tourist destinations around the world, and finding the best one for you could be hard. So why not try European river cruises? If you want to visit different cities in Europe, this is the best choice you have. Most countries and cities in Europe are accessible through water transportation, which is why cruises are becoming more popular, especially to tourists who want to experience a great European tour. It might sound expensive, and yes luxurious, but if will consider everything that is covered in the tour you will know how much you can save from it.

So, what do European river cruises usually cover? It is not similar to ocean liner cruises that will give you a plain view of the ocean for your whole vacation. These cruises stop in several cities everyday. Depending on the kind of tour package you have chosen, you can enjoy shopping, sight-seeing, and free hotel accommodations. This is also covered in your trip, so you do not have to worry about your meals, luggage, and destinations. Your whole vacation will be very organized, allowing you to visit more places in Europe than being contained in one city. As you get on board, you will not have to worry about a single thing anymore. The package will include everything, thus you will not have to think of booking flights to another destination, or making reservations at a hotel. It will be arranged for you. Isn’t that convenient? A vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing, not stressful, so getting into these river cruises is a good way to make things easier for you.

You can even make new friends while on board. Because the boat usually accommodates 150 to 300 people, it will be easy to talk to someone, plus the ambience is real good. If you worry about the budget, there are some affordable packages too. You can choose different tour styles, and bring your family, or your group of friends. This kind of vacation can be a great adventure, yet relaxing. However, cheaper tour packages usually use smaller boats, thus you cannot experience the luxury and amenities that bigger cruise liners can offer. For instance, more expensive tours include free use of spa salons and other fitness centers while you are on board, enough room for a large group of people, entertainment, and a huge variety of foods. Just imagine, if you will spend your vacation in France, you will pay for the airfare, hotel and room accommodations, and you will not be able to see the real beauty of the whole Europe. But if you choose European river cruises, you’ll get to see most of Europe, no hassle in making reservations, and even in unpacking your luggage. You’ll comfortably settle in a river cruise than any other vacation choices out there.

Romance And Travel On Land And High Seas

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a travel consultant, I make recommendations for unforgettable getaways for all my clients, including cruises, all-inclusives and quick weekend getaways.

Some ideas for romance and travel on the high seas include a romantic evening onboard your cruise ship. Book a side-by-side couples massage at the onboard Spa, a wonderful way to begin your journey towards relaxation and romance. Follow that with a candlelight dinner at one of many specialty restaurants. Enjoy your favorite savory cuisine, soft music playing, your waiter serving delectable meals and wine.

If dining out doesn’t appeal to you, room service will deliver a lovely meal for two, giving you a chance to dine on your balcony. You can watch the sun set with your loved one while enjoying the comforts of your own private space. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many couples celebrating special anniversaries onboard cruise ships, arranging for their room to be decorated, an anniversary cake at dinner, and wine delivered to their room.

I had the pleasure of working with one local couple who renewed their wedding vows for their 30th wedding anniversary. I was able to plan a wonderful trip to Jamaica for them, with a stay at Breezes Runaway Bay, a fantastic all-inclusive resort. They stayed in a balcony suite with a plunge pool. I worked closely with the wedding coordinator at the resort, arranging a sunset ceremony on the beach for them. I had their room decorated in rose petals, candles, and a bottle of champagne awaited them after their renewal ceremony. It was an unforgettable experience for them, and one I enjoyed working with them to make happen.